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Lindale Lodge #848 Limited Edition Print Offer

Over the years, renowned artist Jack Mason of Sagebrush Studios, has created six limited edition prints for the public to enjoy. Now, Masonic Lodge #848 is offering these limited prints to the public at a substantial savings. 

These prints have been recreated from originally carved clayboard which took over 500 hours to complete and were created and are being sold for historic preservation. These prints are wonderfully reproduced and are well-suited for framing.

With the permission of Jack Mason, Lindale Lodge #848 is offering these limited edition prints for $75.00 each. This price includes the print of your choice as well as shipping and handling. 

To purchase, please do the following:
1. On a sheet of paper, write your name and full address along with a contact phone number
2. Indicate which print you desire by writing the title of the print
3. Send your information to:
Lindale Lodge #848
P.O. Box 848
Lindale, TX  75771
4. Include your check for $75.00
Make your check out to: Lindale Lodge #848

Please allow 10 business days for delivery.
All proceeds will be used for the good of Masonry by Lindale Lodge #848 in Lindale, Texas.


"Remember Goliad"
Only 2000 prints available 


"San Jose Missions"
Only 400 prints available 


"Tarrant County Courthouse"
Only 500 prints available 


"Espiritu Santo"
Only 400 prints available 


"Harrison County Courthouse"
Only 500 prints available 


"Fowl Friends"
Only 1000 prints available 

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